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Potato and Meat Pie Individual


Steak pudding


Meat pie


Beef steak pie


Whist pie


Potato and meat Puff pasty


Butter pie


Lancashire pasty


Potato cakes 6’s


Deep Filled Multi Portion Potato & Meat Pie


Jumbo Sausage roll


Cheese and onion pie


Potato and meat plain pasty


6 cocktail potato and meat pasties


Steak and Ale Pie


Cheese Pasty


Deep Filled Multi Portion Beefsteak Pie


Medium pork pie 8oz



Savoury pies and pasties are a speciality here at Greenhalgh's...

..and we have a great range to choose from, and when you want something tasty to satisfy your hunger, these pies and pasties will really hit the spot.

All our mouth-watering savouries are made fresh, right here in our very own bakery and each one is packed with our delicious and tempting fillings.

So, when only that tasty bite wrapped in golden brown pastry will do, Greenhalgh's traditional or modern pie or pasty fillings give you plenty of options.

Savoury Pies

Choose a classic savoury pie such as potato and meat. Slices of cooked potato layered with beef and onion combine to give this favourite pie its rich and satisfying filling. It's all baked in a flavoursome gravy to bring it all together and a golden-brown shortcrust pastry outer shell. Delightfully comforting and filling.

Or go for the steak ale and mushroom pie. This rich and flavoursome favourite is guaranteed to satisfy the taste buds.

Then there's another classic in our cheese and onion pie. This vegetarian-friendly option contains vegetarian cheddar cheese and freshly chopped onion seasoned with a little salt and white pepper and all encased inside a light buttery flaky pastry.

Our party pies are a wonderful addition to any celebration or special event.

Savoury Pasties

Instead of a pie, go for a pasty.

Try our zingy cheese and jalapeno pasty which is just oozing with rich cheesy sauce and spicy jalapeños peppers and guaranteed to put that spring in your step. These tasty peppers really light up your lunchtime and that delicious cheesy melt is a great combination.

Our Lancashire pasty is also a delicious savoury pasty that combines minced beef with soft-cooked potato, onions, carrots and peas. A full meal all wrapped in a flaky pastry case with a traditional crimped ridged top.

And let's not forget our other classics like the good old sausage roll or the wonderful steak pudding. These are great on their own or if you're feeling really hungry why not go for one of these and a spicy pasty or pie to make sure you keep going through the afternoon.

Whichever you choose you'll love the depth of flavours our chefs achieve, and your appetite will be satisfied with our generous portions and fillings.

Master Bakers and quality ingredients

With all our savouries comes the guarantee of quality with our dedicated team of chefs making sure each and every one is cooked to perfection. Add in the very best ingredients and you can see why Greenhalgh's range of savouries is more popular now than ever before.

Here to help

Browse the website for more great Greenhalgh's savouries, or drop into your local store to see what's available and read more about each one on their individual pages.

Each savoury page holds more information about the ingredients, nutritional details and any potential allergens, but if you have any questions that aren't answered here, we're always happy to help.

Please feel free to get in touch for more information on our delicious savoury snacks.

Greenhalgh's, a name you can trust and pies you can count on!