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Low Carb Tin Sliced Loaf 400g


Large GI seeded loaf


Box White Sliced


Large scotch


Small GI seeded loaf


Small Scotch


Small wholemeal


A loaf of freshly baked bread is one of life's simple joys...

At Greenhalgh's we have a complete range of white and brown breads including ready-sliced loaves and bloomers, as well as small loaves and cobs you can slice as needed at home.

Choose thick-sliced white toastie loaves and tin bloomers for a toast purist's dream come true, crunchy on the outside, fluffy in the middle and perfect served hot with melted butter.

For sandwiches, our brown breads offer plenty of choice, whether you opt for wholemeal, golden grain or our honey and sunflower loaf, a wheat and rye seeded small loaf with a flavour that works perfectly alongside many different meats and cheeses. Greenhalgh's bakers produce baked breads in a number of traditional shapes, from cobs and rounded bloomer tins, to classic round-top loaves and square-crust sandwich loaves.


Master Bakers and Quality Ingredients...

Sourdough Bread
Loaf Bread
Bread Rolls

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Browse the website for more great Greenhalgh's Loaves of Bread, or drop into your local store to see what's available and read more about bread loaves on their individual pages. Each separate page holds more information about the ingredients, nutritional details and any potential allergens. Please feel free to get in touch if you need anymore information on our delicious bread.