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Loaf Cake

Every office, shop floor, barbers, hairdressers, doctor and dentist surgeries, building sites and every other place of work up and down the country have a tea break. Fact.

Some two, three, four or five.

Whatever the length of your tea break and whatever the frequency; you could make it extra special with a Greenhalgh’s cake loaf.

Not only delicious, our cake loaves are versatile too. Perhaps you’ve got family round for Sunday lunch, and you’ve forgotten a dessert. Maybe friends have popped around unexpectedly. Whatever the occasion and whatever the situation, our cake loaves will save your bacon…

Lemon Cake Loaf (V)
Put away the Digestives. Stop the Rich Tea. Never mind the Bourbons. Bring out the Lemon Cake Loaf. Drizzly, springy sponge, tangy and sweet it doesn’t need much of an introduction. This cake is the finishing flourish of every snack time up and down the country. Treat yourself and others to a Greenhalgh’s classic.

Jam Swiss Roll (V)
Rather like an old friend that you’ve not seen for years, you meet up over a coffee, and nothing has changed. This cake loaf is precisely the same. It never changes, it’s always reliable, it’s forever tasty, and let’s face it – goes pretty well with a cup of tea. Did you know that despite its name the humble swiss roll doesn’t originate from Switzerland? No, in fact, it’s considered to be Austrian – apparently. Don’t quote us, we’re bakers, not historians. Anyway, our swiss roll is delicious.

Chocolate Swiss Roll (V)
Like the above but with a rich chocolate sponge and delicious creamy chocolate flavoured buttercream. This cake loaf will hold its own on any dinner table, we’d recommend serving with ice cream, however, that’s up to you. One thing we can guarantee – there won’t be any leftovers wherever you present it.

Lemon Swiss Roll (V)
Rolled with delicious lemon curd, you’ll be running back to our bakery for another loaf ‘before you can say Jack Robinson’. Our tip – buy two next time you’re in our bakery. We won’t judge you.

Cherry Madeira Cake (V)

The perfect companion for afternoon tea. This cake loaf is chock full of juicy cherries that keep the cake moist and most definitely moreish. Whether you’re serving at afternoon tea, after dinner or during an office tea break, don’t bother trying to ‘save some for later’. That piece that you’ve put aside – it’ll be snaffled by someone with just crumbs left to console you. This one is for sharing.

Become the office hero and surprise colleagues with one of these classics at your next tea break, and it may even get you out of tea making duties for a week or two.

Or you could bring dessert home and be a tea-time champion.

At Greenhalgh’s, were bakers but more importantly, we’re family bakers.