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Build Your Own Rainbow Cake Kit


Caramel and Ginger Cake


Caramel Crunch Loaf


Fruited Teacakes 4pk


Hot Cross bun 4 Pack


Jam and Buttercream Victoria Sponge (12 portions)


Jam and Cream Victoria


Jam Swiss Roll


Plain Cake Mix 1kg


Raspberry Ripple Doughnut


Salted Caramel Doughnut


Smiley Face Jammy Biscuit


Spicy Bun Loaf


Vanilla Victoria Cake


Victoria Sponge Cake


Apple slice


Bakewell tart


Bavarian Slice 2 Pack



Confectionery – Made in Lancashire

A little indulgence is always good and nothing says indulgent more so than our confectionery selection. We have such a great choice of tempting treats daily to tantalise your taste buds, every mouthful, every morsel will have you coming back for more.

The range includes fresh dairy cream cakes, fancy cakes of all descriptions, scones, custards, gingerbreads, cake loaves and seasonal lines such as parkin and mince pies.Try one of our delicious doughnuts creations-you are sure to find a favourite.

All are made with that special Greenhalgh’s flair which makes them so deliciously different.


We’re masters of pies, pasties and other tasty savouries for sure, and we don’t mind saying that we’re pretty good at sweet treats too…

Cream Cakes
With cream cakes that are perfect for birthday’s, parties and ‘just because you can’ days our selection provides plenty of options, and when it comes to cream cakes, we find the more choice, the better!

Strawberry Tart (V)
A summer tart packed with delicious strawberries, topped with whipped cream. Go on, be an office hero and bring a few in a few of these on a Monday morning.

Cream Doughnut (V)

It’s a cream doughnut, what more is there to say other than blink, and it’ll be gone. A classic.

Bavarian Slice (V)
Layers of flaky puff pastry, jam, cream and soft icing on top make this the king of cream cakes. Discuss!

Chocolate Eclair (V)
An unassuming choux bun of utter deliciousness. (We sometimes let our prose get the better of us, but here, we do so unashamedly because it’s true!)

Vanilla Slice (V)
The personification of a cream cake? Try eating this daintily!

Scones (V)
From the tried and tested cream scone with whipped cream and jam, to the Greenhalgh’s creative variations of chocolate and vanilla. If you like a scone, you’re in the right place!

Fresh Cream Trifle (V)
Don’t panic, we have trifle too. Can we have a cream cake selection without whipped cream, jelly and a cherry on top trifle?

Cake Loaves
We’re also purveyors of some pretty tasty cake loaves (though we do say so ourselves). Perfect, we might, add for that unexpected visit from Great Aunty Nelly…

Lemon Cake Loaf (V)
The classic loaf cake? That’s not for us to decide, we just make a delicious citrusy cake for you to enjoy.

Swiss Roll (V)
We present a few versions of this classic roll, including jam (of course) but also chocolate and lemon. Don’t choose between a flavour, buy all three!

Cherry Madeira Cake (V)
Ah now where would be without this classic? Packed with cherries and probably created with the British afternoon tea in mind. Probably.

Non-Cream Cakes
We cater for eclectic tastes at Greenhalgh’s, and with such a wide variety of treats, we challenge you to come out of our shop emptyhanded…

Small Custard Tart (V)
A piece of heaven. Golden, fluffy egg custard, a hint of nutmeg. The perfect Tuesday afternoon pick-me-up. (Why Tuesday? No reason, they’re equally good on a Wednesday.)

Iced finger (V)
What’s not to love, particularly when it’s made to a Greenhalgh’s recipe!

Gingerbread (V)
Buy one for the kids, and you’ll have a happy child, since they come in different characters!

Individual Bakewell Tart (V)
The sugary almond classic with a cherry plumb in the middle. Lovely.

Flat Cake (V)
Our regional variation of a classic pastry cake, full of juicy raisins. Call it what you will, ours is extraordinarily good.

Apple Pie (V)
Big pies, small pies, slices. If you like apples, you’re in the right place!

Smiley Face Biscuit (V)
A best-seller and if you ever see one in our shop window you’ll know why! They’re responsible for the general bonhomie of the North West population. Fact.

Kiddie bun (V)
Light sponge, smiley face. A kiddie favourite!

Fruit Scone 4 Pk (V)
The classic fruit scone in a 4 pack. The perfect office takeaway…

Mince Pies (V)
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Only we sell them all year round and goodness, they’re just as good in April as they are in December.

Hands up if you love doughnuts.

Hands down if you wouldn’t eat two on the bounce.


Here’s what we offer...

Jam Doughnut
A classic really. Our version is perfection.

Salted Caramel Doughnut (V)
You haven’t tasted anything yet if you haven’t tasted this sugary delight.

Espresso Doughnut (V)
Yes, we do espresso doughnuts too. Yes, they’re very delicious. Yes, two are better than one.

Blueberry Cheesecake Doughnut (V)
Cheesecake in a doughnut? Yup. Pretty much and oh my, they taste good.

Mars Topped Doughnut (V)
It’s hard to say which of our doughnuts is best. Perhaps you need to try them all? This one is an excellent place to start.

Cream Doughnut (V)
A cream cake and a doughnut that’s how good this one is!

Put your hand up if you knew that Greenhalgh’s had such an extensive range of confectionery!

The whole bakery package? Probably!