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Low Carb Tin Sliced Loaf 400g


Low Carb Bread Rolls 4pk


Low Carb Seeded Bloomer 400g


Low Carb Pizza Base – Pack of 4


2 Pack of Low Carb Scones


10 Low Carb Tin Sliced Loaves of 400g


Low Carb Bread Subscription

£24.27 / month for 3 months

Greenhalgh’s is a Craft Bakery, our produce is more than made, It is Crafted.

We are passionate about everything bread. From low carb breads to Keto goods, we have something for everyone. We take pride in the fact that every bread we make uses recipes and natural starters which are over 40 years old, giving our bread a uniquely satisfying taste and texture. With Nationwide delivery, getting your daily fresh bread has never been easier or more delicious.

When it comes to Craft, we follow our hearts and never cut corners. We are thoughtful about choosing our ingredients and follow artisan traditions for the recipes we create so that our customers taste the goodness in every bite. The Company has an uncompromising desire to maintain its traditional family values and baking techniques, which puts our quality and service standards higher than most.

Normal bread is around 40–50% carbs, and typical “low carb” breads currently available in UK supermarkets contain around 15% carbs and are unsuitable for diabetics. Bread made using our low-carb flour, however, is less than 2% carbs and won’t spike your blood sugar levels.

The low carb lifestyle has been proven to be effective at bringing diabetes and other chronic conditions into remission, aiding significant and sustainable weight loss and restoring good health and vitality.

We can suggest which breads would suit your business or personal tastes and explain the bread-making process and provide helpful advice on everything we make and sell.

Our low carb range is available Tuesday through to Saturday and we can deliver NATIONWIDE.