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We love making savoury pasties here at Greenhalgh's and we've developed a tasty range for you to choose from.

When you're after something to satisfy your hunger, these pasties will do the trick and they're all made fresh, right here in our bakery. So, when only a savoury snack will do, Greenhalgh's traditional or modern pasties give you plenty of options.

What's more, each one is packed with our delicious and tempting fillings with golden brown crusty or flaky pastry.


Timeless favourite savoury pasties

Take our Lancashire Pasty. This family favourite is delicious and combines seasoned minced beef with soft-cooked potato, onions, carrots and peas, all wrapped in a flaky pastry case with a traditional crimped ridged top. Very filling and full of flavour, it's a much-loved north-west take on a classic meat and veg pasty.

Then there's our cheese pasty. This is one of our vegetarian savoury pasties with veggie-friendly cheese balanced by soft potato pieces and cooked chopped onion, and all wrapped up in a pocket of golden puff pastry. Suitable for vegetarians but loved by everyone, this is a bestseller.

Of course, no savoury range would be complete without the classic steak pudding. This hugely popular addition to our range contains chunky steak pieces cooked until soft and held in a rich and flavoursome gravy, all wrapped up in a dome of steamed pastry. Soft and delicious - just try one!

And then there's our ever-popular sausage roll. Seasoned and lightly spiced for a fuller flavour, each one wraps soft sausage meat in a scored puff pastry layer for that hint of crisp with every bite. A worthy companion to any of our savoury pasties.

You could also give our Cumberland sausage roll a try too if you like some extra flavour in your sausage.

Whichever you choose you'll love the depth of flavours our chefs achieve, and your appetite will be satisfied with our generous portions.

Remember that we have shortcrust and puff pastry in our range too, so if you have a passion for a particular kind of pastry, that might help you decide.


Master Bakers and Quality Ingredients...

With all our savouries comes the guarantee of quality with our dedicated team of chefs making sure each and every pasty is cooked to perfection. Add in the very best ingredients and you can see why Greenhalgh's range of savouries is more popular now than ever before.

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Browse the website for more great Greenhalgh's pasty fillings, or drop into your local store to see what's available and read more about each pie on their individual pages. Each separate page holds more information about the ingredients, nutritional details and any potential allergens. Please feel free to get in touch if you need anymore information on our delicious pasties.