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Greenhalgh's Soups are freshly made from only the finest ingredients which are carefully selected at all times....

Each is prepared to our own specification using fresh vegetables and quality lean meats to provide a real wholesome flavour.

Soup makes a tasty, nutritious and good value meal for the whole family. Adding fresh bread turns it into a complete meal.

Hot Soups are available in small, large and super size portions in our retail shops daily. Take home soups are available in 1litre bottles and 500ml tubs.

1 Litre Soups
500ml Soup

Serve up a delicious hot soup for the whole family with our one-litre bottle soups, enough for about four mug-sized servings, or two to three bowls.

Our 500ml bottle soups are spot-on for two people to share, or for one healthy appetite. Split them in two and you'll have about a mugful each - enough for a tasty snack or a starter - while if you eat a full 500ml soup pot to yourself, it's a satisfying lunch or a quick energy boost on a cold day.