…Freshly made for you!

There are few snacks more satisfying than a delicious hot savoury pasty, pudding or sausage roll, all of which serve up golden brown shortcrust, suet or puff pastry and seasoned fillings that pack a palate-pleasing punch.

Greenhalgh's pasties are made to traditional recipes including some local delicacies to bring back happy memories and make some new ones while satisfying your snackish hunger.

Lancashire pasties are the stars of the show, a regional recipe with a distinctive crimped top edge, a golden brown flaky pastry outer shell and stuffed to bursting inside with potato, beef, chopped onions, carrots and peas.

If you're particular about your pastry, we have potato and meat pasties served in a choice of either flaky puff pastry, or butter-rich shortcrust pastry.

And for vegetarians we have a creamy and delicious cheese, onion and potato puff pastry pasty that's so tempting, even the meat-eaters will want one.

Pasties... and more!

This is also where you'll find a handful of our other pastry and potato snacks, such as our delicious hot or cold potato cakes, steamed steak puddings, and of course our ever-popular sausage rolls.

We know they're not technically pasties, but all of them make equally tasty snacks that can be enjoyed in the same way, so we've kept them all together in this section.

And if you're wondering where the pies are, they have their own page with many different flavours to choose from, or there's our multi-portion catering sized pies for parties and platters.

If you need any more information about the ingredients we use, as well as any potential allergens, just ask. You can call us on 01204 696204 to speak to the Greenhalgh's team directly with your questions.

You are of course welcome to pop into any of the more than 60 Greenhalgh's local bakeries throughout the north-west, where the team can also help you with any questions you might have about our pasties, pies and other baked goods.