Birthday Cakes

…Freshly made for you!

No matter how old you are, we all still love a delicious piece of cake and our range of adult birthday cakes will light up your celebration.

Just image them closing their eyes as you all roar into a chorus of 'Happy Birthday to You' and then reveal a fabulous personalised cake with their favourite hobby or memorable moment on it. It will take them straight back to being a kid when the cake was the main event at the party.

And our adult celebration cakes cover a broad range of themes, from relaxing in the bath or fishing on the beach, to popular pastimes like bingo, knitting, gardening and golf, plus even more physical activities like rugby.

Adult cakes, an endless choice

We can create a cake with their favourite hobby on it like bodybuilding or gardening and our ever-popular golfing cake and even a knitting cake will amaze you.

Or stick to a good old gloriously decorated frosted roses cake and let us add a special message in icing for you. So, whether it's an adult cake for men of an adult cake for women, we've got a great range to choose from.

Adult cakes for men and adult cakes for women

For him, you can choose from a funny rugby cake with a player looking just like your man, or a bodybuilder or gym bunny cake complete with their favourite weights.

Gardening cakes are also popular, and you can show them relaxing next to their favourite flowers. Even add a funny message in your favourite colour icing.

And what about a Champagne Bottle Cake or a Prosecco Cake…yummo and very glitzy for the girl that loves her bubbles.

The best adult cakes

Not sure how to choose the best adult cakes for an upcoming birthday, anniversary or other celebration? A good starting point is to see if any of our themed celebration cakes match your loved one's pastimes.

If you want something less specific, look at our celebration cakes with elegant icing and more grown-up decorations.

Or if you want a cake that reflects the person's age, our double-digit age number cakes are available for numbers ranging from 10 to 99 - and work just as well for the person's year of birth, or even a significant number in their life such as their sports shirt or squad number.

Photo Cakes

What a brilliant idea! For an even more customised birthday cake, our square picture cake lets you add an image such as a family photo, a past get-together or perhaps a childhood photo of the individual showing how they have changed over the years.

When it comes to photo cakes…it's a real surprise and anything goes! Take a look at our photo cakes.

Master Bakers and quality ingredients

With our versatile range of children's birthday cakes in lots of different styles, our master bakers are here to help you celebrate your big day it in a way that suits you.

Add in the very best ingredients to make our cakes deliciously moist, and then sprinkle in a spoonful of craftsmanship, you'll soon be collecting your stunning cake to reveal on the big day.

Bespoke Cakes

If you can't see what you are looking for, we will gladly discuss your very own design and help create your perfect celebration cake. Get in touch and let's discuss your special cake together.

Greenhalgh's, a name you can trust and a cake you can count on!