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Brand New Products for May 2024

greenhalghs famous meat and potato pie

The Golden Oldies Winner

After a week of voting you have decided to bring back the Iced Finger!

It was the underdog all the way through this week, but at the last minute this weekend pulled through and triumphed over the Chocolate Ring Scone!

Make sure you’re following our socials for any updates we have about the Iced Fingers return! We also run regular competitions on our socials to decide which Greenhalgh’s classics should come back so make sure you keep a look out.

You can see the full results over on our Facebook page.

Greenhalghs fan favorite iced finger

The All New Chicken & Sweetcorn Puff Pasty

Brand new for 2024 the all-new chicken and sweetcorn puff pasty with tender chicken chunks and sweetcorn in a rich creamy sauce joins our list of amazing and tasty savouries.

Our golden flaky pastry gives a unique look to our chicken and sweetcorn puff pasty, forming a delicate and delicious pocket filled with a mixture of tender chicken chunks and sweetcorn in a rich creamy sauce. Definitely one of our more no-nonsense savoury pasties, with a gentle seasoning to help the flavours shine.

Check out the new Chicken & Sweetcorn Puff Pasty today!

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