Special Occasion Cakes

…Freshly made for you!

Our Special Occasion Cakes help you to make memories with a selection of celebration cakes for special events of all kinds.

These include some of our most unique cake designs and decorations for the biggest moments in life, including those landmark ages, milestones and achievements like graduation and learning to drive.

We believe that no matter what you are celebrating in life, it's always better with cake!

Milestone Age Cakes

Our birthday cakes for milestone ages include designs for 18th and 21st birthday parties, as well as our very special Gold 90th Birthday Cake.

But we understand that any age can be a milestone for all kinds of different personal reasons, and the Greenhalgh's team are here to help you celebrate no matter what.

If you're coming up on a special age and want a cake to mark the occasion, just take a look around at our different Happy Birthday Cakes and see if there's one that suits.

You might want to choose our double digit age cakes, in the shape of the numerals of your age, and a good way to get a custom birthday cake for any age from 10-99.

Or just get in touch if you want something specific, or you need more inspiration from our team to help you decide.

Engagement and Wedding Cakes

We have special occasion cakes for every stage in getting married - even including our Will You Marry Me? Cake that's probably the sweetest way to propose to your significant other.

Our Engagement Cake also celebrates the proposal, this time with a stylish diamond ring in a ring box - all made out of sugar paste and icing, of course! - that sits on top of a delicious celebration cake.

And our Hen Party Cake is perfect for brides-to-be to share with their well-wishers as part of a bachelorette party or hen weekend.

Graduation Cakes

Graduation cakes are a great way to say congratulations, and we have a few designs to choose from for this major milestone and special occasion.

Our Graduation Book Cake is a quirky choice, with the entire rectangular celebration cake iced to look like a university textbook with a graduation scroll on top.

Alternatively, Graduation Hat and Scroll is a more conventional square celebration cake with edible decorations including a degree certificate and graduate's 'mortar board' hat.

Both of these cakes would work well for other educational achievements - with the option to customise the message to make sure it fits the event.

Other Achievements

Our special event cakes cover all kinds of other achievements too, including traditional 'key to the door' shaped cakes for first homes or for significant ages like 18 and 21.

We have special occasion cakes for religious events like Holy Communion and Eid Mubarak, and many of our other celebration cakes can be made to suit these kinds of festivals and ceremonies with a hand-piped message.

Remember too that we have a separate section for Christening Cakes, with plenty of different designs to mark the very special occasion of your child's christening, baptism or naming ceremony.

Finally, our Thank You Cake with Flowers is a kind gesture to anyone who's helped you out in any way - and hopefully one they will be happy to share with you too!

If the special event you want to celebrate isn't listed here, take a look around as it may be in a separate section of its own, e.g. Christening Cakes and Wedding Cakes, or get in touch to find out how we can produce something to suit such as a bespoke printed picture cake.