Special Occasion Cakes

…Freshly made for you!

Whether it's a celebration cake iced in a certain way, or one of our more themed cakes for specific ages and life milestones, Greenhalgh's special events cakes will add a sweet touch to your festivities.

Almost any event in your life is a great excuse for cake, especially if you're coming together with friends and family, classmates or colleagues to mark the occasion.

We've made sure to include some versatile celebration cakes that can be made to match your milestone with an iced message on top - a good chance to customise a cake for a particular person or class, too.

But we also have themed cakes for specific achievements, such as a book and scroll for graduation, or our key shaped cake for 18th and 21st birthdays, or for somebody buying their first home.

This is one of our bigger selections of cakes, as we wanted to cover all of the main special events you might need to cater for, so take the time to look through all of our delicious cakes listed here.

Need a cake for a special occasion?

If you still don't see something suitable, it's worth looking if it's somewhere else on our website - we have pages dedicated to children's cakes, teenagers' cakes and adult cakes, for instance, as well as special occasion cakes for anniversaries and baby showers.

Our bakers are always happy to help find a suitable solution, such as one of our rich and tempting celebration cakes iced in a particular way, or one of our picture cakes printed with a class photo, graduation photo or any other photograph or picture of your choosing.

For any other enquiries or to discuss a particular idea, just drop into any one of our more than 60 local Greenhalgh's bakeries to talk to the team, or call us on 01204 696204.