Christening Cakes

…Freshly made for you!

Christening cakes were traditionally made from the top tier of your wedding cake, but that's a custom that isn't as popular as it once was.

Nowadays, christening cakes are an integral part of celebrating the big day, and whether you're recently married or not, it's worth getting a fresh celebration cake made.

Greenhalgh's traditional christening cakes come in a range of different designs and can be customised with a piped icing message, your child's name or the date of their birth or christening.

We have plenty of different sizes to choose from, so you can make sure you have more than enough cake for everyone to enjoy a slice.

Christening cakes made to order

When you have a christening cake made to order, you can tell our master bakers exactly what you want it to say, and they will help you to decide on a message that will fit nicely into the available space.

Different designs have space either on top of the cake or on the base board, and in some cases it's incorporated into the decoration, so it's worth looking around for a custom christening cake that suits what you're trying to say.

Our christening cakes with letter blocks are one option for children with shorter names, which can be spelled out using individual iced 'building blocks'.

Alternatively, Baby's Bottle is a fun design, with the whole cake in the shape of a giant baby's milk bottle, and plenty of space for a piped message on top.

Versatile naming day cakes

If you're having a naming day rather than a christening or baptism, we have plenty of naming day cakes to choose from.

As our celebration cakes have general baby themes rather than religious symbols, any of them should be completely suitable as a naming day cake.

Remember, you can choose the message you want to have written on the cake - so if you don't want it to say 'christening' just let us know when you place your order.

You might also want to take a look at our Baby Shower Cakes, which offer even more designs themed around newborns and can make great naming day cakes too.

Pink, blue or neither?

Most of our christening cakes are available in pink, blue and at least one neutral colour such as white icing.

We know that many parents want a cake in the traditional colours of blue for a boy and pink for a girl, and we can make a custom christening cake in either colour for you if you wish.

If you prefer not to use those colours, that's fine too - most of our celebration cakes are available in a neutral white colour scheme, and many can be made in all sorts of other icing colours too.

Again if you have something specific in mind, just get in touch with the Greenhalgh's team at your local bakery and we will be happy to help.

Something more colourful?

If you want something even more colourful, why not serve up our 16-portion Rainbow Cake? You'll find it in our Sliced Cakes section.

Although it's not specifically a christening cake or naming day cake, it's one of our most colourful celebration cakes and like all of our sliced cakes, it serves up generous sized portions.

We welcome all enquiries so if you have an idea for a colour scheme and you're not sure if we have a cake to match, just ask - some of our celebration cakes can be made in almost any colour, as long as we have the icing, ribbon and other decorations to match.