Childrens Birthday Cakes

…Freshly made for you!

Many of us remember our favourite childhood parties and one of the biggest moments was always the surprise cake. All those kids singing 'squashed tomatoes and stew' was so much fun.

Children's birthday cakes are always special here at Greenhalgh's and often the very reason why some of our master bakers became passionate about baking in the first place. With our fun and funky children's cakes, you can give your little one a party to remember for a lifetime.

We have 3D children's cakes in the shapes of some of your favourite characters from TV and children's fiction, plus some traditional characters like clowns and princesses. We can even make a cake with their favourite computer game on or splash out on the amazing looking Rainbow cake with its fantastic colours and yummy icing.

For kids who love animals, we have our pony cake, farmyard animals' cake or our fun pig in garden cake, while for a fantasy theme we have cakes featuring pirates, mermaids and unicorns. Just choose from our extensive range, add in your own personal touch and watch their little faces light up.

Inside your birthday cake

Our kids birthday cakes are just delicious and come with a variety of types of sponge as well as different buttercream and icing pastes, so if you're trying to cater for a children's birthday party with allergies or specific dietary needs, just ask your local Greenhalgh's or call us on 01204 696204 and we can help you decide on the best solution.

Kids' cakes for all ages

As children grow older, some still enjoy the fun of a cartoon character cake while others want something a bit more mature, so we make sure to supply kids' cakes for all ages.

We have some elegant celebration cakes that work well for kids' parties and can be customised with your own message written in icing, plus our double-digit age number cakes are perfect for anyone aged 10 or older.

Not all children's celebration cakes are for birthdays, so we also have some wonderfully versatile designs that you can use for almost any purpose and any kind of party.

Finally for teens, we have a separate page especially for teenager birthday cakes, with a selection of sporty cakes, foodie cakes and generally more grown-up decorations.

Master Bakers and quality ingredients

With our versatile range of children's birthday cakes in lots of different styles, our master bakers are here to help you celebrate your little darlings' day it in a way that suits you.

Add in the very best ingredients to make our cakes deliciously moist, and then sprinkle in a spoonful of craftsmanship, you'll soon be collecting your stunning cake to reveal on the big day.

Bespoke Cakes

If you can't see what you are looking for, we will gladly discuss your very own design and help create your perfect celebration cake. Get in touch and we'll discuss your special cake together.

Greenhalgh's, a name you can trust and a cake you can count on!