Reuben’s Retreat

This year we have supported many charities, but one close to the heart of our staff is a local charity Reuben’s Retreat. In May our Greenhalgh’s team took part in the Manchester 10K and half-marathon races. So far, they have raised over £10,000, but collections are still ongoing.

Reuben’s retreat is a North West charity born in memory of Reuben Michael Gordon, who tragically passed away from a brain tumour at the age of 23 months.

The Retreat is a refurbished hospital based in the Peak District which opened in 2014: it is a place for families and friends to build memories and relax, as well as a place of support for those also suffering with the loss of a child.

Julie Thew, Team Co-ordinator and 10k runner, said:

When the Greenhalgh’s team met Reuben’s mum, Nicola Graham we knew we wanted to run in their aid.

Reuben’s Retreat was such a big mission and you could see how genuine and passionate they were about making a home for people who really needed support

It was very clear that Nicola welcomed every contribution big or small. On the day of the 10k run, Nicola stood out all day despite the heat just to thank every one of the Greenhalgh’s runners personally as they crossed the finish line.

Everything about the retreat is an inspiration to us, and we wanted to work hard to help.”

The ten phase renovation of The Old Woods Hospital near Glossop has brought many companies and individuals together offering their skills, time, talents, and products.

Nicola has said, “Everybody has something to bring to Reuben’s Retreat, this project will be built on love, compassion and generosity”

If you have something to give you can contact Reuben’s Retreat or visit them at