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Cakes, pastries, scones, and biscuits for every occasion, at Greenhalgh's we know what you like and bake it to perfection...

Greenhalgh's love cakes. We can't deny it, the secret is out. Cream cakes, non-cream cakes, sweet pies, biscuits, you name it we'll bake it (mostly). Here's what we do and do very well, so that next time you pass one of our shops, be sure to pop in and pick up a cake or two.


Here's what we do...

Small Custard Tart (V)

A timeless classic? A family favourite? An indulgent treat? Whatever your reasons for loving this national treasure we think you'll be thrilled with our take on this custardy bake.

Iced finger (V)

Ahh the Iced Finger (or Iced Bun to some), whatever you call it, it's been on the Greenhalgh's front line for many a year. Made to our own unique recipe, they're exactly how you remember them from childhood! You can't go wrong with this simple sweet treat.

Gingerbread (V)

Is there anything better than a delicately spiced gingerbread man? With gingerbread men and Dooby Scoo, (yes you read that right) it'll mean a spot of 'Eeny, meeny, miny, moe' whether you're choosing for the kids or for yourself. If it's just you - we understand that this is a difficult choice. Take your time.

Individual Bakewell Tart (V)

The Mona Lisa of the confectionary world? Unlike the Da Vinci masterpiece, this isn't in Louvre Museum but in every one of our 60 plus bakeries across the North West. We don't think you'll have to queue for two hours for this sweet almond delight either!

Flat Cake (V)

Eccles cake or Chorley Cake? We make Flat Cake - somewhere in-between but equally delicious. Packed with raisins inside a flaky pastry, it's delicious. Whether you ask for a Chorley or an Eccles, we'll know what you mean!

Apple Pie (V)

We bake a Saucer Apple Pie and a larger version at Greenhalgh's. These pies are perfect for an after-dinner dessert, or for sharing with friends. The layers of tangy apples and lovely shortcrust won't be strangers to custard, ice cream or fresh cream. We'll leave the accompaniment to you!

Apple Tart (V)

If you don't want to share an Apple Pie, but can't manage a whole pie on your own, why not plumb for our Apple Tart instead? If you're feeling fruity, you could opt for our Blackcurrant Tart instead.

Apple Slice (V)

This is a tangy treat that's sliced, diced and ready to go. Perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up!

Smiley Face Biscuit (V)

Pop two of these into a lunchbox or party bag, and you'll spread the happiness around. With a lovely raspberry filling, these biscuits are shiny, happy, and if they had hands, they'd be holding them.

Kiddie bun (V)

A light sponge with a smiley face. Simple, sweet and perfect for kids!

Fruit Scone 4 Pk (V)

Did you know that 'scone' is thought to have originated from the Scottish name for the Stone of Destiny? Is that true? We're not sure. What we do know is that our scones chock full of sultanas are perfect with clotted cream and jam!

Mince Pies (V)

At Greenhalgh's a Mince Pie can only mean one thing. If you'd like to treat the office, we sell them as a 4 pack for the perfect festive treat. However, if you're feeling a little humbug, we do sell singular pies! If Christmas had a taste, it'd be a Mince Pie.


Master Bakers and Quality Ingredients...

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When it comes to cakes & pastries, Greenhalgh's know how to mix and match and bring you the best. Whether one of our cakes is bought for a birthday treat, a happy occasion or precisely because there isn't any occasion, our bakers are artists. Come and see for yourself!

Browse the website for more great Greenhalgh's Confectionery, Cream Cakes and Desserts, or drop into your local store to see what's available and read more about our delicious sweet treats on their individual pages. Each separate page holds more information about the ingredients, nutritional details and any potential allergens. Please feel free to get in touch if you need anymore information on our delicious range of confectionery.