Specialty Breads

…Freshly made for you!

Try one of Greenhalgh's infamous speciality breads, a choice of local delicacies and our own innovations that have something more to offer than your typical sliced loaf.

Our 400g Lancashire fruit loaf is absolutely packed with flavour, with a hint of cinnamon baked into the bread and a trio of fruity ingredients dotted throughout the dough.

Raisins, sultanas and mixed peel will all have your mouth watering with every slice, whether you enjoy it straight off the loaf or toast it and add melted butter or margarine.

Greenhalgh's Lancashire fruit loaf is a good keeper, too, giving you time to enjoy it at its best, and several more days when it will still toast well.

The infamous Greenhalgh's Crumpet Loaf

If you think crumpets are the best things since sliced bread, you're going to love the innovative Greenhalgh's Crumpet Loaf - the loaf that does both.

Our master bakers worked hard to perfect a unique recipe that combines heavier wheat flour and cane molasses for that distinctive crumpet density and flavour, along with raising agents that add the essential fluffy lightness to the middle of the loaf.

The result is a loaf that you can slice and toast, but which gives you the characteristic texture of a crumpet when you take a bite.

At 400g, it's available in a standard loaf size and is an ideal kitchen standby for when you fancy a delicious and satisfying snack, or to have as a quick and filling breakfast.

Find out more about Greenhalgh's speciality breads at your local bakery - with more than 60 locations across the north-west, there should be a Greenhalgh's near you.

Alternatively if you can't come see our bakers in person, we're happy to take enquiries about our speciality breads and other products over the phone on 01204 696204.