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From then to now

Looking at the news article from “The Messenger” dated March 7th, 1986, we celebrated Manageress Mrs. Ann Taylor and the search for the best Simnel cake. We are very glad to say we still have both in our shop!

Greenhalgh’s Craft Bakery started trading in 1957, and part of what makes us special is our staff. Each shop has become a part of the community due to our loyal Sales Representatives like Ann who has worked at the company for 33 years. “I love everything, I’m incredibly passionate about working here,” Ann says: “I wouldn’t swap it, I have never wanted to go anywhere else, and I am a part of the family here. “If you chopped me in half I would be Greenhalgh’s through and through.”

Ann looking not a day older has been the Manageress of our Bury shop on Princess Parade since it opened in 1986. She remembers the grand opening of the shop and how busy the day was, “There were queues out the door, it was enormous, all the glass cases were filled to the brim. It was wonderful; sometimes I wish it was busy like that every day!” The shop has developed a lot over the last 30 years; we have had many Managers, and Shop Assistants train with Ann. She notes: “Times have changed but not the shop. We still have the same sense of community and I still love all the girls that stay or pass through the shop to train. “In fact, I train them and they never want to leave us for another shop”

Ann has plenty of good memories of her Bury shop, her home away from home. We have had plenty of customers that come in for a nostalgic treat that reminds them of sharing desserts with generations of family. If you have memories of our shops or a tasty product that takes you back to being younger, let us know what they are in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!