Company Announcements

Blackrod Sales Assistant Retires After 19 Years of Dedicated Service

For 19 years Rae Meadows has been a dedicated sales assistant at our Blackrod shop, a position she’s held since 1999, This has allowed her to interact with countless customers, all with a friendly manner and a smiling face.

Rae spent 19 years in the shop next door – when it closed down she joined Greenhalgh’s Blackrod. A valuable worker, Rae’s service and knowledge of the Blackrod shop will be hard to replace.

Rae said that she will miss a lot about her job and really enjoyed working in the shop, and that she will also miss the friendships that she has forged with her colleagues. She will miss the customers as well more than anything.

Rae said. “You become friends with so many people for a long time and you don’t even realise it.”

Sandra Ogden, Retail Sales & Marketing Director presented Rae with her long service certificate and a lovely picture frame as a keepsake.