Bakery Sandwich Shop of the Year 2015

The Bakery Sandwich Shop of the Year Award seeks to recognise traditional bakery shops which retail sandwiches alongside other bakery goods and where sandwiches are sold alongside bread and morning goods but are not a dominant part of the business.

Entries were judged on factors such as presentation, atmosphere, facilities, cleanliness, customer service and product range, as well as initiatives taken to develop the business.

Our Head of Retail Sales & Marketing Sandra Ogden said: “To be named the best Bakery sandwich Shop of the year is fantastic. The award will mean so much to our bakery staff who take enormous pride in the presentation of our sandwiches, our shop teams who give great customer service and ensure that our shops are presented well for our customers and of course the enthusiastic NPD team who develop our range of sandwiches and make sure we are providing customers with a fabulous choice.”