60 Years’ of Bakery Craft & Tradition

 Greenhalgh’s Craft Bakery is a long-established family Craft Bakery which was founded in 1957. Whilst so many of our product offerings may have changed over time, our commitment to innovation and customer service is as strong as it has ever been.
The Company currently employs approximately 950 staff and is one of the largest employers in the Bolton area. We have a thriving chain of 59 retail shops, along with a wholesale and fleet sector, supplying high-quality bakery products to convenience stores, high street retail stores, farm shops, and sole proprietorships, through to nationwide providers including major supermarket chains.
We also supply to a network of hotels, airlines, garden centres, theme parks and motorway service stations together with an established export market. The Company operates from two relatively close manufacturing sites in Lostock, Bolton.


Greenhalgh’s is a Craft Bakery, our produce is more than made,
It is Crafted.

When it comes to Craft, we follow our hearts and never cut corners. We are thoughtful about choosing our ingredients and follow artisan traditions for the recipes we create so that our customers taste the goodness in every bite. The Company has an uncompromising desire to maintain its traditional family values and baking techniques, which puts our quality and service standards higher than most.

Throughout the years, the Company has risen to the challenges of the market place and has been innovative in developing new products. Today we are bigger and more diverse, but in many ways still the same – we thrive on Craft, quality, and service. We believe Greenhalgh’s Craft stands out from the crowd due to our uniqueness and outstanding quality.


Quality not quantity.
is what takes precedence.
We are dedicated to providing our customers with great tasting Craft products. Good quality ingredients and baking skills are as important today as they were for our founder Mr. Allan Smart. We have managed to utilise modern technology without sacrificing traditional values and techniques. We believe this balance has given us the ability to create fantastic products.
Our Company’s product range encompasses a wide range of bread, morning goods, freshly baked savoury products, breakfast items, confectionery, sandwiches, cakes, soups, and ready meals. We also produce an increasingly popular high-quality range of wedding and celebration cakes.


The success of Greenhalgh’s lies in the fact that we consistently exceed the demands of our customers.

By researching and developing new bespoke products in partnership with our customers, we can tailor products to any requirements, whether that be making loaves bigger, rolls smaller or producing whole new unique products. All our bakery creations are produced using traditional and established methods. It is easy to see in the products the passionate eye for detail which has transcended down through the generations and will continue through to the next generation.