Wedding Cakes

…Freshly made for you!

Is there anything quite like your wedding day?

Walking up the aisle, saying 'I do', photographs with family and friends. Then there's the food, the party, the speeches, the tears, the first dance, the music (mostly Abba), the dad dancing, the bad dancing, the funny child dancing.

And of course then there's the cake.

At Greenhalgh's, we make spectacular wedding cakes. From cakes that 'wow' to cakes that 'awhhhh'. So what are you waiting for, ice your wedding with one of these fabulous selections...

Parcels Wedding Cake

Decorated with golden circles and stars, and you needn't worry, we'll make sure the ribbon matches your wedding colours, of course! The perfect centrepiece.

Wedding Bells Cake

With three tiers of soft iced cake, decorated with bows, swags and your choice of coloured rose sprays, this is a cake you'll not forget to cut. With a pair of wedding bells on top, this cake will ring in your happy day.

Cornflower Wedding Cake

A beautiful, outdoorsy looking cake. Perhaps the perfect cake for a summertime ceremony? Whatever the season, wherever the celebration this delicate cake with its pearls and florals will bring sunshine to any wedding table.

Eternity Wedding Cake

A beautifully iced cake with amazing rope work, complete with sugar roses that can be coloured to match your wedding theme. With the third tier held aloft, separately from the rest of the cake, this is a showstopper.

Romantic Couple Cake

And there you both are on top of the cake in miniature form. It's cute and romantic, featuring heart-shaped layers coated in soft icing, with floral decorations including sugar roses. By matching the ribbon to suit your ceremony, this cake is all about the happy couple!

Bouquet Wedding Cake

Hexagonal and stacked in alternating rotations this is a unique cake, with a look all of its own. With piped icing surrounding joins between layers, a splash of colour from small sprays of flowers, this is a cake that's almost too good to cut!

Lily Wedding Cake

In symbolising devotion, lilies have graced many a wedding cake over the centuries. Our version has lilies adorning each tier of this three-tier, heart-shaped classic.

Did you know that lilies traditionally mark 30 years of marriage too? This could also make the perfect anniversary cake too (just a thought).

Cascade Wedding Cake

There are four tiers to this stunning cake with cascades of flowers from the top tier, to the table. It's a showstopper and no mistake.

Honeymoon Wedding Cake

Make sure EVERYONE knows you'll be off on honeymoon when they're back in work with this ingenious cake. With a stack of three suitcases making up this cake, it smacks of adventures yet to be had and of exciting times ahead.

Wedding Feast Cake

This is brilliant. Though we do say so ourselves. The perfect centrepiece that's fully customisable and can feature all of the main characters at your wedding! The little details will make this a talking point, in fact, it's so good, will you actually be able to cut it?

Favours Wedding Cake

This offers a great alternative to the traditional wedding cake, with each miniature work of art iced and decorated in a ribbon-tied bag. You could have these as favours as well as a cake! Food for thought!

Garland Wedding Cake

This contemporary cake is classy and different. Three tiers of wedding cake are connected by a ribbon (matched to your colours) with ribbon icing and matching bows, all finished with iced roses. Beautiful.

Wedding Day Cake

With two-layer bottom tier and one-layer top tier, this is the perfect cake if you want to keep one layer as a souvenir. With a happy couple seated at the bottom, could there be a better choice?

Church Wedding Cake

With its golden spires, roses and butterflies, this cake would make a grand spectacle as a centrepiece on any wedding table.

Gypsophilia Wedding Cake

This is a visually stunning cake with three tiers festooned with blooms and large, delicate icing petals. The subtle green leaves running throughout this cake make it a visual delight.


We're bakers, and it's what we love, so if you want us to bake some love into your wedding cake, contact us today.