500ml Pot Soups

…Freshly made for you!

Our 500ml bottle soups are spot-on for two people to share, or for one healthy appetite. Split them in two and you'll have about a mugful each - enough for a tasty snack or a starter - while if you eat a full 500ml soup pot to yourself, it's a satisfying lunch or a quick energy boost on a cold day.

With a selection of meaty and veggie-friendly flavours to choose from, all at great prices, there's something for everyone, so you might want to get a pot each anyway.

Greenhalgh's creative kitchen has put together original recipes based on classics like tomato, mushroom, and pea and ham, plus modern meaty creations like chunky beef and vegetable, and chicken with red chilli.

All come securely packaged in sealed plastic pots, so if you're taking one into work for lunch, it's easy to put it in a bag without fear of any leaks, spills or loose lids.

Soup and a roll

Soup's greatest sidekick is a crusty roll with butter, warmed up quickly in the oven or just by dipping it into the piping hot soup, so don't forget to grab some of our cobs, muffins or barms to serve on the side.

You can check the nutritional content of our 500ml bottle soups on each flavour's individual page, or just ask at your local Greenhalgh's if you need any more help with nutritional values.

And if you're looking to feed the family or serve up starters for a dinner party, all of the same flavours are also available in our one-litre bottle soups, giving you twice as much soup to go around.

To find out more about any of our delicious pot soups or if you have any questions about allergens and other ingredients, ask in your local Greenhalgh's bakery or call us on 01204 696204.