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1lt Bottle Soups

Serve up a delicious hot soup for the whole family with our one-litre bottle soups, enough for about four mug-sized servings, or two to three bowls.

With great prices on these bigger soup bottles, there's plenty to go around and a selection of great-tasting flavours direct from the Greenhalgh's development kitchen. Choose traditional flavours including tomato, pea and ham, or mushroom, with delicious broccoli and stilton as a veg-packed creamy alternative. If you're looking for a winter warmer or you just like your soup to have some spice, we have chicken and red chilli, or spicy vegetable.

Finally, our chunky beef and vegetable bottle soup is a satisfying meaty option if you're not a fan of spice, with delicate warming notes delivered by the white and black pepper seasoning.

Sliced bread or barm?

Once you've decided which flavour of our one-litre bottle soups you want to try, the only question left is whether to dip a buttered slice of one of our freshly baked bread loaves into it, or a crusty cob or buttered barm. As always, your local Greenhalgh's bakery has a full selection of different breads, barms, muffins and cobs, so again there are plenty of different choices for all the family, and something to complement every flavour of our delicious bottled soup.

Just ask the friendly team in any of the more than 60 Greenhalgh's local bakeries across the north-west if you want our suggestions as to which bread might best suit a particular bottled soup. Or if you need more information about ingredients, allergens, nutritional content, or any other questions about any of our bread and soups, you can give us a call to speak to the team directly by telephone.

You can contact Greenhalgh's on 01204 696204 and we will do our best to answer any queries you might have about our big bottled soups, freshly baked breads, or any of our other tempting baked goods.

1 Litre Soups
500ml Soup