Party Pies

…Freshly made for you!

When you want to make certain you have enough pie to go round, our multi-portion pies are the place to start, with deep fillings and golden brown crumbly shortcrust pastry on top.

There's enough in each pie for six generous servings, eight smaller portions or even more snack-sized helpings as part of a buffet - it's up to you exactly how you want to dish up these delicious delicacies.

We have regional favourites like butter pie, which is also suitable for vegetarians, or local Lancashire pie, along with traditional fillings including beefsteak, potato and meat, or veggie-friendly cheese pie.

Or if you want something a little less typically British, try our lasagne or vegetable lasagne, available in multi-portion and individual sizes.

These of course don't come with pastry - instead they combine satisfyingly scrumptious beef or veggie bolognese layered with soft cooked pasta sheets, all topped with a cheesy sauce and a golden melted cheese crust.

Catering pies for all tastes

Our large catering pies make a great addition to any event, buffet or celebration, and can of course be served hot, which adds even more to the satisfaction and enjoyment of tucking into a pastry-topped portion.

We have vegetarian party pies: butter pie, cheese pie, and vegetarian lasagne in multi-portion and single-portion sizes.

And for meat-eaters there's Lancashire pie, beefsteak pie, potato and meat pie, or beef lasagne, and again the lasagne can be supplied in single-serving sizes as well as our catering lasagne.

For any other dietary requirements, you can check the allergen information and ingredients lists online or just get in touch to ask us directly for more specific details.

You can call Greenhalgh's on 01204 696204 or with over 60 local high street bakeries across the north-west, you're very welcome to pay us a visit at any of our stores and the team there will do their best to answer any queries you might have.