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Greenhalgh’s Tripack Sandwiches

When you want a traditional triangle sandwich ready to eat on the go, our tripack sandwiches give you a selection of family favourites to choose from.

There’s veggie-friendly fillings, fish-based recipes for the pescetarians and seafood lovers, and some meaty options too.

Our vegetarian sandwiches ready to eat include a simple cheese and red onion combo on brown bread, or a saucy ploughman’s sandwich stacked with layers of cheddar cheese, salad, coleslaw, and sandwich pickle.

Seafood sandwiches from Greenhalgh’s include prawn salad in a tangy seafood sauce served with lettuce and cucumber, as well as a soft pink salmon with cucumber slices.

For meat-eaters, there’s also a pair of satisfying sandwich choices – chunky chicken mayonnaise with stuffing, or a chicken and bacon combo.

Remember these are just our tripack sandwiches – so don’t forget to check out our maxi sub roll sandwiches and our seeded plait rolls for even more tempting flavours.

Ready to eat sandwiches for busy days
Ready to eat sandwiches are one of life’s simple pleasures – traditional tripack sandwich recipes carefully prepared on freshly baked bread so you can tuck in immediately.

Alternatively, tripack sandwiches work as an instant packed lunch to carry with you for later or to take with you on a bus or train journey.

Compact, convenient and neat to eat, they’re a great way to get a nutritious hit of extra energy into you in a hurry, or just enjoy some of your favourite flavours.

Pop into your nearest Greenhalgh’s bakery at over 60 locations in the north-west and our team will be happy to help you get your hands on a grab bag of tripack sandwiches.

If you have any other questions just ask in-store, or you can give us a call on 01204 696204 to talk to the Greenhalgh’s team direct.