Plaited Bread Sandwiches

…Freshly made for you!

If you fancy a sandwich that combines stacked fillings with deliciously soft bread, our seeded plait rolls deliver on flavour with the added hint of sesame seeds and poppy seeds in every bite.

Similar in shape to our maxi sub roll sandwiches, these are tasty and satisfying, and good for hungry moments and slightly larger appetites.

Chomp your way from end to end and savour the taste of salmon mayonnaise with watercress, rocket and crunchy cucumber, ideal for seafood fans.

Alternatively, we have a delicately seasoned herb chicken with chives and sage stuffing, a deliciously moist sandwich dressing that will keep your mouth watering through to the final bite.

Or go for the classic - pork and stuffing dressed with sweet apple sauce, a perfect complement to the bursts of flavour from the poppy seeds and sesame seeds.

Questions about our seeded plait rolls?

We've covered some of the commonly asked questions about our seeded plait rolls on this website - just check each individual sandwich for more about possible allergen ingredients and a reminder of what fillings and dressings you'll find in each one.

Remember we have plenty of other sandwich options on the website too, including our maxi sub roll sandwiches and traditional tripack sandwiches, so check those for more flavours and fillings or if your particular dietary requirements are not covered here.

If there's anything else you need to know, your nearest Greenhalgh's bakery is never far away, with over 60 locations across the north-west and a helpful local bakery team in every one.

We're happy to help by telephone too, so call us on 01204 696204 if you'd prefer to speak to us directly, and we can answer any other queries you might have about our delicious seeded plait roll sandwiches, or anything else in the Greenhalgh's bakery range.