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Give your appetite a treat with our satisfying sub rolls, available in a range of ever-popular fillings suitable for vegetarians, pescetarians and meat-eaters alike.

Our fully loaded maxi rolls include egg mayonnaise, tuna salad with mayonnaise, and prawn salad, along with traditional ham salad and turkey salad for the carnivores out there. Generous quantities of meat, fish, sauces and salad go into our maxi rolls, with the crunch of fresh iceberg lettuce, cucumber and tomato on our salad sub rolls, and a bed of iceberg lettuce on our egg mayonnaise maxi rolls too.

These are some seriously stacked sandwiches, with the classic sub roll shape and a medley of tantalising ingredients in every mouthful from end to end. So whether you grab a meaty maxi roll or one of our mayonnaise or Marie Rose saucy sub rolls, you're in for a substantial snack that should see you through to your next mealtime without any worry.


Maxi rolls for maximum satisfaction...

At Greenhalgh's we call our sub sandwiches maxi rolls because they offer maximum taste, maximum toppings and maximum value for money - a truly satisfying lunchtime option or for mealtimes on the go at any time of day.

Sub rolls are named for their submarine shape, long and fully loaded, and are an American take on traditional Italian sandwich rolls. We've taken this Italian American creation and added some English sandwich-making expertise to it with some traditionally British recipes like our prawn cocktail sub roll or classic ham salad.


Master Bakers and Quality Ingredients...

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Browse the website for more great Greenhalgh's Sandwiches, or drop into your local store to see what's available and read more about our delicious sandwiches on their individual pages. Each separate page holds more information about the ingredients, nutritional details and any potential allergens. Please feel free to get in touch if you need anymore information on our delicious bread.