Pasties By Post

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Pasties delivered to your door!

Gifts by post, what a great way to show you're thinking of something – even if it's a treat for yourself!

Greenhalgh's will send fresh pasties and pies right to your door.

Surprise your loved ones today with the gift they'd never expect!

Call us on 01204 696204 to place an order.

What savoury snacks can you get through the post?

Choose from our menu of pasties, pies and other delicious snacks here.

Our minimum order is 12 items. Postage and packaging is £12.00 per order.


12 Potato and Meat Pasties £25.20

12 Cheese Pasties £25.20


12 Potato and Meat Pies £27.00

12 Steak and Ale Pies £28.80

12 Beefsteak Pies £27.60

Other savouries

12 Steak Puddings £20.40

12 Sausage Rolls £19.80

Is there a minimum order?

Our minimum order if 12 items, meaning postage and packaging works out at just £1.00 per item.

This means you can be everyone's favourite person for the day and share your pasty shipment. Or conserve and freeze your pasties for those emergency empty fridge days.

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