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Bolton school girl finds herself in the soup

Bolton school girl finds herself in the soup

A Bolton schoolgirl is celebrating after her personal recipe for a new soup flavour which crowned her the winner. Brogan Smith aged 15, proved her master chef credentials with her Chickpea and Chorizo flavoured offering. Other varieties considered included Parsnip and Ginger as well as Carrot and Orange.

The initiative, which tasked year 10 students with designing a new soup flavour was a tie up between family run Craft bakery Greenhalgh’s and Canon Slade School. The bakery’s New Product Development team had the task of tasting and appraising each recipe before crowning the overall winner.

Brogan was invited along with her teachers to prepare the first batch of the soup from start to finish. Whilst it was cooking Brogan and her teachers had a tour around the bakery. When the soup was finally ready, Brogan and her teachers tasted a sample, which they all thought was amazing. Finally the soup was approved for production by Brogan herself. The chickpea & chorizo soup is now on sale as special ‘guest’ in all 60 of Greenhalgh’s retail shops and is receiving extremely positive reactions from our customers.

Pictured is Brogan receiving her certificate from Sandra Ogden, Head of Retail Operations, along with some thank you vouchers and a sample of the soup to take home with her.