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A Baker's Trio

A Baker's Trio

David Smart - Production Director, Sandra Ogden - Head of Retail Operations and Stuart Hartlebury - Bread Room Manager downed aprons for its annual pilgrimage to the Park Lane Hilton, London on 7th September 2011, hosted by Richard Madeley.

The Baking Industry Awards are like the Oscars for us, it’s a chance for both the small and large bakers to compete on an equal footing. Being finalists for one category is a great honour but being finalists for three awards is something we are proud of. Firstly, the coveted title of Baker of the Year for David Smart, secondly, The Customer Focus Award for Sandra Ogden and to complete the trio, Speciality Bread Product of the Year for Stuart Hartlebury’s Sweet Carribean Brioche Nanterre.

Picture showing David Smart, Sandra Ogden and Stuart Hartlebury with framed certificates.