Cream Cakes

…Freshly made for you!

Fresh cream cakes combine delicate pastry with flavours like jam or chocolate, and of course lashings of thick, fluffy, freshly whipped cream that will satisfy the sweetest tooth.

Our fantastic selection of fresh cream cakes ranges from scones and slices, to flans and eclairs, and also includes some traditional family favourites like fresh cream trifle, cream doughnuts and Victoria sponge sandwich cakes.

If you like your snacks to involve the rich taste of cocoa, we have some great chocolate recipes, from traditional fresh cream chocolate eclairs to our delicious chocolate scones packed with whipped cream.

Or if you prefer fruity flavours, try our strawberry flan topped with a piped swirl of fresh cream, a raspberry mini Victoria sandwich, or our classic scone filled with layered jam and cream - ideal for high tea.

Rounding off our selection are the vanilla recipes. Vanilla cream scones, the classic vanilla slice - also known as a custard slice - or our incomparable Bavarian slice, which packs jam, whipped cream and a thick icing top layer into a light and delicate puff pastry stack.

Why we love fresh cream cakes

Some of the all-time classic family favourites fall into this category, and prove the versatility of fresh cream cakes, from whipped cream trifles to long sub-style fresh cream donuts, the custardy joy of a cream-filled vanilla slice or the soft sponge of a Victoria sandwich.

You know with a fresh cream cake, you can't go wrong - no matter if you choose to scoop the fluffy cream out with a finger or just dive in mouth-first and hope for the best!

Find out more about our range of fresh whipped cream cakes by speaking to our master bakers. You can call Greenhalgh's on 01204 696204 or drop into any one of more than 60 local Greenhalgh's bakeries throughout the north-west to see what treats our bakers have in store for you.