Cream Cakes

…Freshly made for you!

It's your birthday, so the cakes are on you: an office tradition and one which demands a cream cake or two.

At Greenhalgh's, we sell a wide variety of cream cakes that are suitable for any occasion. Even if there's no occasion, does there have to be one to enjoy a cream cake?

Here's what we do...

Strawberry Tart (V)

Strawberries and cream? Yes please! A tart made for birthdays, summer days and 'just because you can days'. Heaps of strawberries in a buttery pastry case, topped with whipped cream. Perfect.

Cream Doughnut (V)

Does this classic cream cake need an introduction? Surely not. Let's give it a hearty fanfare anyway, after all - it's been around since the good old days, it deserves it. Lending its shape from the chocolate eclair this doughnut is sliced down the middle and filled with fresh whipping cream. That's it. Sometimes simplicity is best.

Bavarian Slice (V)

Tackling layers of flaky puff pastry, jam, cream and soft icing on top - is the Bavarian Slice the king of cream cakes? No question! Feel like royalty as you tuck into one of these.

Chocolate Eclair (V)

With a chocolate fondant topping, ripples of perfectly whipped cream straight down the center of a perfectly formed choux pastry bun - what have you got? A luxuriant cream cake classic, that's what!

Vanilla Slice (V)

When you think of a cream cake, what's the first cake that comes to mind? Yep, us too - it's got to be a Vanilla Slice! One from the ages, a classic from yesteryear, it's enduringly good with layers of vanilla custard cream either side of buttery puff pastry, generously topped with a soft fondant icing. Marvelous.

Cream Scone (V)

Is there anything more quintessentially English than a Cream Scone? A staple of Afternoon Tea's all across this green and pleasant land - this is indulgence mixed with culture, whipped cream and jam.

Chocolate Scone (V)

Some time ago our bakers went a bit 'Willy Wonka' and decided to add chocolate to a classic scone recipe. It went well, and lo the Chocolate Scone was born. Filled with fresh cream and topped with chocolate fondant icing - This. Is. A. Scone.

Vanilla Scone (V)

More tinkering. More success. A vanilla flavoured scone, sandwiched with whipped cream with fondant icing to finish. If you want a cream cake treat, Greenhalgh's know how to provide one with a twist.

Fresh Cream Trifle (V)

How could we fail to include a trifle with our fresh cream cake selection? That's like offering a lemon cake without the lemon. Raspberry jelly, soft sponge pieces, vanilla custard, whipped cream, roasted coconut all finished with a cherry on top. Heaven.


When it comes to cream cakes, Greenhalgh's know how to mix and match and bring you the best.

Whether one of our cakes is bought for a birthday treat, a happy occasion or precisely because there isn't any occasion, our bakers are artists. Come and see for yourself!