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Cream Doughnut 2 Pack


Salted Caramel Doughnut


Raspberry Ripple Doughnut


Delectably mouth-watering, generously filled, soft and fluffy doughnuts. The perfect partner to your afternoon cup of tea.

"Doughnuts are sure to satisfy your sweet craving, just thinking about them will make your mouth water...!"


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Turkish Delight Doughnut (V)

This doughnut has a generous filling of raspberry jam, a whipped rose flavoured cream and it is topped with delicious Turkish delight pieces. You will be craving one every day.

Marshmallow Doughnut

This doughnut is SMORE-TASTIC, an indulgent treat lavishly filled with a whipped cream filling, topped with mouth-watering chocolate ganache and finished with toasted marshmallows. What could be more perfect?

Coffee Cream Doughnut (V)

Who needs a morning latte when you have one of these? Forget your local coffee shop and come straight to your local Greenhalgh's bakery. This doughnut will definitely put a smile on your face on your morning commute. It is filled and topped with a rich smooth coffee cream and finished with a dusting of cocoa powder just like a cappuccino.

Cookies and Cream Doughnut (V)

What better combination is there than cookies and cream? It is a timeless classic. This round doughnut is filled with a creamy cookie filling and is generously topped with crushed cookies and finished off with a delicious chocolate flavoured sauce drizzle.

Cream Doughnut (V)

Simply perfect. A soft and fluffy doughnut, generously filled with raspberry jam and whipped fresh cream. Delectably mouth-watering. The perfect partner to your afternoon cup of tea.


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When it comes to cream cakes, Greenhalgh's know how to mix and match and bring you the best. Whether one of our cakes is bought for a birthday treat, a happy occasion or precisely because there isn't any occasion, our bakers are artists. Come and see for yourself!

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