…Freshly made for you!

Turkish Delight Doughnut (V)

This doughnut is sure to satisfy your sweet craving, just thinking about it will make your mouth water. It has a generous filling of raspberry jam, a whipped rose flavoured cream and it is topped with delicious Turkish delight pieces. You will be craving one every day.

Marshmallow Doughnut

This doughnut is SMORE-TASTIC, an indulgent treat lavishly filled with a whipped cream filling, topped with mouth-watering chocolate ganache and finished with toasted marshmallows. What could be more perfect?

Coffee Cream Doughnut (V)

Who needs a morning latte when you have one of these? Forget your local coffee shop and come straight to your local Greenhalgh's bakery. This doughnut will definitely put a smile on your face on your morning commute. It is filled and topped with a rich smooth coffee cream and finished with a dusting of cocoa powder just like a cappuccino.

Cookies and Cream Doughnut (V)

What better combination is there than cookies and cream? It is a timeless classic. This round doughnut is filled with a creamy cookie filling and is generously topped with crushed cookies and finished off with a delicious chocolate flavoured sauce drizzle.

Cream Doughnut (V)

Simply perfect. A soft and fluffy doughnut, generously filled with raspberry jam and whipped fresh cream. Delectably mouth-watering. The perfect partner to your afternoon cup of tea.


With over 60 Greenhalgh's bakeries across the north-west, we reckon you're never far from a sweet treat.

Just remember that we're not just about pies, sandwiches and pasties - oh no, now you can add doughnuts to that list too.

At Greenhalgh's we're not just bakers, we're family bakers.