…Freshly made for you!

So, you're out and about. Perhaps you're doing a spot of shopping, maybe you're on your way to the hairdressers, nail boutique or barbers - invariably you pass one of our shops.

What's your first thought?

We'd bet our last Greenhalgh's doughnut that it'd be pies, sandwiches or pasties, but what about doughnuts?

Yes, we do doughnuts, and we do them very well. Naturally.

So, next time you're out and about, and you need some company for your lonely coffee, perhaps you could pick up one (or two) of these selected doughnuts...

Jam Doughnut (V)

The world is round, the moon isn't made of cheese, and Jam doughnuts are just wonderfully delicious. Three scientific facts right there. Now we all know the merits of a jam doughnut. However, this isn't any jam doughnut, it's a Greenhalgh's jam doughnut!

Salted Caramel Doughnut (V)

Let's face it a plain doughnut, dipped in a bit of sugar is pretty much irresistible. So how much more irresistible is a doughnut topped with salted caramel? Do we need to answer that? Come on, it's the perfect accompaniment to any hot drink (though we'd suggest coffee...)

Espresso Doughnut (V)

An ingenious combination. Our bakery team deserve a plaque in their honour for their ingenuity. If you haven't tasted this light, fluffy and frankly delightful doughnut before, then what are you waiting for - come into one of our bakeries and taste one. Now.

Blueberry Cheesecake Doughnut (V)

Yes, you've read this right. Once again, our bakery team have pushed the boundaries of taste sensation. Fresh blueberries punctuate this doughnut, combining with a creamy cheesecake filling perfectly to create a doughnut that is exquisite in every way. Ok, it is just a doughnut, but it's really very splendid.

Marz Topped Doughnut (V)

This is a sugar rush like you've never experienced before. Do we need to go into detail or have you already got a visual? This is what it says on the tin. Sticky, sweet, delicious, and delightfully moreish. We'd recommend a strong coffee with this one, perhaps go easy on the sugar too.

Cream Doughnut (V)

Another classic and one that needs little introduction. However, we feel obliged to give it a hearty fanfare, and why not – it's been around since the good old days, it deserves it. Lending its shape from the chocolate eclair this doughnut is sliced down the middle and filled with fresh whipping cream. That's it. Sometimes simplicity is best.


With over 60 Greenhalgh's bakeries across the north-west, we reckon you're never far from a sweet treat.

Just remember that we're not just about pies, sandwiches and pasties - oh no, now you can add doughnuts to that list too.

At Greenhalgh's we're not just bakers, we're family bakers.