Photo Cakes

…Freshly made for you!

Give us a picture and we'll put it on a cake - it's that simple! Our Scanned Picture Cakes can use any image, from a family photo, portrait or scenic shot, to a favourite celebrity or sports team, to a drawing, cartoon or caricature if you want!

Whatever image you provide, our team will work carefully to recreate it using edible inks. That means choosing the best colour match for the original image, so what you end up with is a faithful reproduction working within the available colour palette of edible inks.

This is then placed on top of a delicious celebration cake in one of three sizes - 9" round, 9" square or 12" square.

Round Photo Cakes

9" Round Photo Cakes are a great choice if you want a single subject to be printed on to the icing, for example a sports team logo or a single face like a favourite celeb or your child's school photo.

Images can have a white background - for example if you want us to print a drawing or cartoon - or if it's a photograph or similar, we can crop it to a circle shape that centres on the main part of the picture.

Round photo cakes can fit more into the picture than you might expect, because there are no corners to worry about, so they're often the best option even if your original image is square or oblong.

9" Square Photo Cake

If corners are your thing, our 9" Square Photo Cake is the smaller of our square picture cakes to choose from.

Again it's ideal for a photo with one main subject, like a portrait or a celebrity's promo headshot, or for an image that makes full use of the space like a sports team photo, family photo or other group shot.

If the cake is for someone who spends a lot of time on social media, you might even want to get their avatar or profile picture printed on to it as the perfect way to recognise their online popularity and following.

The choice is yours - and for an extra personal touch, we can print a rectangular photo to go on the square cake, leaving space below for a customised handwritten message in piped edible icing.

12" Square Photo Cake

All of the above also applies to our larger 12" Square Photo Cake, with the added bonus that you have a few more inches to play with.

That makes this larger square picture cake a great choice for even more detailed photographs, like large group shots or panoramic landscapes.

With 12" of cake in each direction, these large picture cakes have so much potential to come up with something really special and completely personal to the person whose party it is.

How photo cakes work

A scanned photo cake takes an image - it doesn't have to be a scanned photo, it can be a drawing, digital photo or computer art - and prints it as an edible icing layer on top of a 9" or 12" celebration cake.

To do this we use edible inks. We can't perfectly match every colour but we work hard to produce the best possible match for the image as a whole so it's instantly recognisable.

Images can be in full colour or in black and white, so if you want a photo cake that uses a historic photograph, such as a childhood photo of an elderly relative, we can do that too.

Our experienced team of bakers will do their very best to give you a cake that recreates your image in maximum detail, making new memories from treasured snaps of times past.