Photo Cakes

…Freshly made for you!

If you're looking for scanned picture cakes or digital photo cakes, you've come to the right place! Greenhalgh's have a selection of white iced party cakes that we can add an image, photograph or even a drawing on to.

We even have a choice of shapes - including our 9" round picture cake, as well as 9" and 12" square photo cakes - to help you find one that will fit the image you want to use.

You might opt for a childhood photo or a treasured baby picture of the individual, or a photo of their favourite celebrity or band, especially if they have a selfie taken with them at a concert or other event.

Or if they spend a lot of time on social media, why not get them an avatar cake or profile picture cake that is a faithful reproduction of their social network profile photo - right down to the shape of it?

How do picture cakes work?

With edible inks, dyes and food colourings in almost every colour, our bakers will work to produce an edible image based on the artwork you supply, with the best reproduction of the picture in terms of the overall effect.

Although some of the colours might vary slightly, we have the experience and expertise to recreate the image as closely as possible so that the finished print looks fabulous when the cake is served.

This is all part of the Greenhalgh's baker's artistry, baking the rich and delicious celebration cake, covering it with smooth white icing paste, and adding the vibrant imagery of your choice as the perfect finishing touch.

Find out more at any of our 60+ local Greenhalgh's bakeries or call us on 01204 696204 if you have an idea and want to know if we can print it on to a scanned picture cake.