Sliced Cake

…Freshly made for you!

When you have more mouths to fill, our multi-portion cakes are a crowd-pleasing favourite, with a selection of sponge cakes and gateaux to choose from.

Each sliced cake is designed to serve up 16 portions, but it's up to you, as it's quite possible to get more servings of slightly narrower slices, or alternatively to go extra indulgent and have more than one slice per person!

You might even want to choose more than one of our multi-portion cakes, as we've worked hard to include a variety of traditional and contemporary crowd-pleasing celebration cakes in this section.

Sliced cakes with lots to offer

These are some of our most substantial one-tier cakes, with multiple layers sandwiched with buttercream and other fillings, all covered with frosting, cream swirls and other embellishments and finishing touches.

As a guide, we would suggest each cake will serve up 16 generous portions, and our multi-portion cakes can be supplied pre-sliced if you want them to be ready to serve straight out of the box.

Sliced cakes are even more convenient when catering for large numbers, or if you want to be able to serve them up without having a large knife close at hand.

Crowd-pleasing family favourite cakes

Our multi-portion cakes include traditional favourites like Victoria sponge, caramel chocolate sponge sandwich, and contemporary rainbow cake dotted with brightly coloured sweets around the top.

It's a range that serves up comfort whether you go for a traditional sponge cake or something more modern like our many-layered rainbow cake.

As always, you can find out more about our different types of sponge, buttercream and frosting on our page that provides more information about all of our celebration cakes, helping you to make your decision if you're catering for any special dietary needs.

If you're still not sure, please ask the team at your local Greenhalgh's bakery or contact us via the website, as we will be happy to let you know if any of our sliced cakes contains ingredients that any of your guests might not be able to have.

Make a sliced cake your party centrepiece

Make no mistake, these multi-portion cakes will steal the spotlight as the centrepiece of any party buffet or surrounded by the birthday girl or boy's gifts.

As they can be supplied pre-sliced, you can save time, effort and mess by serving up these sliced cakes without having to do any of the cutting yourself - which is also a handy safety feature for young children's parties where you don't want to have knives around.

They're also great for teddy bear's picnics, garden parties and other outdoor celebrations, thanks to their generous size and again, the convenience of being already sliced.

How to choose your sliced cake?

The only question remains - how to choose your sliced cake from the tempting treats we have on offer?

If you're a traditionalist, maybe opt for a classic Victoria sponge sandwich cake with jam and buttercream between the layers, and a dusting of icing sugar on top.

This is a slightly smaller cake and as such, we usually recommend it should serve 12 slices - although again the exact size of slices can be varied a bit either way.

Rainbow Cake is a great children's birthday party cake thanks to its bright colours, with plenty of room on top for birthday candles too.

Or choose our Triple Layered Caramel Chocolate Cake for arguably the most indulgent option of all.

This absolute beast of a celebration cake has three layers of chocolate and caramel flavoured sponge, all covered in crumbled chocolate flakes, with frosting and chocolate curls on top - the ultimate option for sweet-toothed party guests!