Sliced Cake

…Freshly made for you!

When you have more mouths to fill, our multi-portion cakes are a crowd-pleasing favourite, with a selection of sponge cakes and gateaux to choose from.

These are some of our most substantial one-tier cakes, with multiple layers sandwiched with buttercream and other fillings, all covered with frosting, cream swirls and other embellishments and finishing touches.

As a guide, we would suggest each cake will serve up 16 generous portions, and our multi-portion cakes can be supplied pre-sliced if you want them to be ready to serve straight out of the box.

Sliced cakes are even more convenient when catering for large numbers, or if you want to be able to serve them up without having a large knife close at hand.

Of course the exact number of slices you can get out of each cake depends on where you make the cut, so if you take delivery of your multi-portion cakes whole, it's completely up to you to decide how much each person gets!

Fabulous flavours of multi-portion cakes

Our multi-portion cakes include traditional favourites like Victoria sponge, chocolate sponge with chocolate frosting, and carrot cake decorated with miniature carrots.

But we also have some of the modern classic flavours of multi-portion cakes, including sliced cakes made with red velvet sponge, caramel chocolate sponge, and vibrant rainbow layered cake.

As always, you can find out more about our different types of sponge, buttercream and frosting on our page that provides more information about all of our celebration cakes.

Or if you need advice about allergen ingredients, nutritional information or have any other enquiries about any of Greenhalgh's celebration cakes, just give us a call on 01204 696204.

You can also drop into any of our more than 60 local Greenhalgh's bakeries to talk to the team there and find out the perfect option for our master bakers to make for you.