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Birthday cakes

The lights are dimmed... the singing starts... the Happy Birthday cake has arrived! It's the pinnacle moment of any birthday party or birthday dinner, so make sure all of your guests will go home with a slice of mouth-watering sponge cake in their party bag.

Our selection of Happy Birthday cakes is suitable for all ages and interests, with themes including stars, balloons, flowers, gardening and butterflies.

Each cake is created by our master bakers and, once baked to perfection, is finished by hand with soft white icing paste, edible embellishments, piped icing text and colourful ribbons.

The result is a spectacular centrepiece for any party table - not to mention a birthday cake that is just right to carry into the room covered in brightly burning birthday candles.

We say you're never too old to enjoy a Happy Birthday cake, so give the loved one in your life a birthday they will remember - no matter how old they are!

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We've chosen our most versatile birthday cakes to display here, but our full range includes plenty more styles too, which is why we've also put together pages for different ages.

You can check those for some of our more specific styles and themed birthday cakes, including our ideas for children's birthday cakes, 18th birthday cakes, 60th birthday cakes, teenagers' cakes and adult cakes too.

And if you need to know the specifics when it comes to any potential allergen ingredients, our 'more information about celebration cakes' page has it all in one place so you can check on any specific dietary requirements.

Finally, if there's anything we haven't covered on these pages, we are always happy to help with enquiries about all of our celebration cakes.

You can speak to our master bakers in person by popping into any of the more than 60 local Greenhalgh's bakeries across the region, or call 01204 696204 for immediate help from a member of our team.