Birthday Cake

…Freshly made for you!

The lights are dimmed... the singing starts... the Happy Birthday cake has arrived! It's the pinnacle moment of any birthday party or birthday dinner, so make sure all of your guests will go home with a slice of mouth-watering sponge cake in their party bag.

Our selection of Happy Birthday cakes is suitable for all ages and interests, with delicious celebration cakes decorated in themes including stars, balloons, flowers, gardening and butterflies.

Each cake is created by our master bakers and, once baked to perfection, is finished by hand with soft white icing paste, edible embellishments, piped icing text and colourful ribbons.

The result is a spectacular centrepiece for any party table - not to mention a birthday cake that is just right to carry into the room covered in brightly burning birthday candles.

Birthday cakes for all ages

We say you're never too old to enjoy a Happy Birthday cake, so give the loved one in your life a birthday they will remember - no matter how old they are!

Our versatile designs mean any of our birthday cakes should suit a wide range of ages, with stars and colourful party balloons perhaps more suited to younger people, while butterflies and gardening tools are maybe slightly more mature.

It's up to you though - if your little one likes gardening or an elderly relative still loves birthday balloons, that's fine by us!

With optional piped messages on each of our happy birthday celebration cakes, there's plenty of opportunity to customise a bespoke birthday cake and make any of our designs totally age-appropriate.

Children's Birthday Cakes

Because we have so many birthday cakes to choose from, you'll find some of our more age-specific designs in their own separate sections, so these are well worth a look.

Children's Birthday Cakes include some of our favourite character cakes with all sorts of smiling faces that are bound to have your little birthday boy or girl smiling too.

Again many of these can be customised with a special birthday message, and our number cakes even come shaped like the number of your child's age.

Teenage Birthday Cakes

Teenage Birthday Cakes can be tricky, as kids are going through a lot at this age, whether they're 13 or 19 or anywhere in between.

Our selection of slightly more mature designs includes sports, make-up, food and driving themes, so whatever interests your teenager has, we hope to cater for them.

And of course there are also some more versatile celebration cake designs so there's something for everyone in this section.

Adult Birthday Cakes

For slightly older birthday girls and boys, our Adult Birthday Cakes include themes like golf, gardening, sports and knitting.

Here you'll find number cakes too - this time in double digits to suit ages from 10 right up to 99!

We can personalise many of these cakes with a short handwritten message, so just let us know if there's something special you'd like to say.

Picture Cakes

Finally, our Personalised Photo Cakes are an excellent way to make a cake using happy memories for people of any age.

Our Picture Cakes take any image of your choice - a family holiday snap or other treasured memory, a school photo from years gone by, or anything else you choose.

The talented Greenhalgh's bakery team then reproduce this using edible inks to give a faithful recreation of the original image.

It's not always possible to match the original colours exactly, but our talented team will work carefully to make sure the finished product gives the truest possible version of the picture you supply.