Adult Birthday Cakes

…Freshly made for you!

Grown-ups deserve cake too, and with our great range of adult cakes, including themed cakes, sporty cakes, picture cakes and plenty more, there's a celebration cake for the big kid in your life, whatever age they may be.

Our adult celebration cakes cover a broad range of themes, from relaxing in the bath or fishing on the beach, to popular pastimes like bingo, knitting, gardening and golf, plus even more physical activities like body building and rugby.

For a more general shaped celebration cake, our champagne bottle cake is a good option for grown-ups, or our teapot and cup cake is a family-friendly alternative.

And of course we have plenty of elegant celebration cakes to choose from that are less specific, with floral decorations, stars or balloons, which can be customised with your own message written in piped icing.

Choose the best adult cakes

Not sure how to choose the best adult cakes for an upcoming birthday, anniversary or other celebration? A good starting point is to see if any of our themed celebration cakes match your loved one's pastimes.

If you want something less specific, look at our celebration cakes with elegant icing and more grown-up decorations - we even have a sleek and modern black celebration cake with white rose icing, which offers a colour scheme that's slightly different than the norm.

Or if you want a cake that reflects the person's age, our double-digit age number cakes are available for numbers ranging from 10 to 99 - and work just as well for the person's year of birth, or even a significant number in their life such as their sports shirt or squad number.

Finally for an even more customised birthday cake, our square picture cake lets you add an image such as a family photo, a past get-together or perhaps a childhood photo of the individual showing how they have changed over the years.