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When it comes to buffets, Greenhalgh's know how to party. So without further ado, we're going to unravel our selection of buffet platter musts...

Cocktail Sausage Roll Platter

Let's be honest; every buffet table needs a solid base-line. Introducing, if it needs any introduction - the sausage roll. An experienced campaigner of many a party, our platter has 42 of these beauties, but we warn you, these are tasty, very tasty. It might be prudent to double up...

Pork Pie Platter

Another experienced warhorse. To speak in chess parlance - if the sausage roll is the pawn of the buffet table, the pork pie is the knight. A firm favourite and with 27 beautifully seasoned pies cut into 54 halves your guests will be fighting over the last ones. We guarantee it.

Whist Pie Platter

Now for something a little different. Not to be confused with a pork pie, these pies filled with savoury salt beef are delicious hot or cold. They're so delicious; they may even spark a popularity contest with the pork pies - an intriguing contest...

Cocktail Mini Potato and Meat Pasties Platter

Potato and meat pasties in miniature form. You know it's a celebration when you see one of these tasty delights. A lovely seasoned filling wrapped in light golden pastry - these are a Greenhalgh's speciality.

Cocktail Mini Cheese Pasties Platter (V)

Another classic in miniature. They're cheesy, they're a party necessity and trust us it won't just be the vegetarians among your guests that will be sharking for these. Everyone loves a cheese pasty, especially when we make them.

Savoury Platter

Here's a 50 piece selection of yumminess - ham quiches (tick), pepper quiches (tick), tomato puff boxes (tick), pork and apple pies (tick), and turkey and cranberry pies (tick). A winner.

Party Piece Platter

The classic party combination - made up of 12 cocktail sausage rolls, seven pork pies halved, seven miniature cocktail cheese pasties and seven miniature cocktail potato and meat pasties. A must.

Party Piece Vegetarian Platter (V)

Bring variety to your buffet table. This platter is made up of eight cocktail cheese and tomato quiches, eight cocktail mushroom quiches and 12 cocktail cheese mini pasties.

Cocktail Sandwich Platter

Now it's not a party with a sandwich or two; our platter serves up ten of each flavour! With chunky chicken, ham and tomato, cheese and onion, and prawn sandwiches we've got all taste buds covered.

Mini Continental Filled Rolls

Now, this platter will bring real sophistication and class to any buffet table; including seven blue cheese and grape, seven salmon, cream cheese and chive, seven salami and hummus, and seven mozzarella cheese, tomato and basil mini continental rolls.


Is there a better sight than a buffet table creaking under the weight of platters of party food?

You might argue that a view from the top of Mount Snowdon comfortably beats a buckling table loaded with savoury treats. However, we'd have to politely disagree; particularly if Greenhalgh's had supplied the food!

So, if you're after a delicious banquet to wow your guests, count on Greenhalgh's and contact us today!