…Freshly made for you!

Our great selection of savoury platters gives you all the choice you need to build a finger food buffet with enough to go around and everyone's dietary needs taken into account.

We have vegetarian party platters with a variety of cocktail quiches and mini cheese pasties, or you can choose a tray of cocktail cheese pasties on their own if you're ordering your catering quiches from us separately.

There are also veggie-friendly fillings on our mini continental filled rolls platter, including blue cheese and grape, and mozzarella, tomato and basil, while our traditional cocktail sandwich platter has cheese and onion, as well as pescetarian-friendly prawn sandwiches.

Of course there are also plenty of meat-eaters' options, in our sandwiches and filled rolls, our delicious finger food platter, and on our trays of cocktail meat pasties and mini quiches.

We're happy to work with you to make sure you have the right amounts of meaty and veggie finger foods for your buffet - and remember to buy extra vegetarian platters in case your meat-eating guests dive into those too!

Choosing party platters for a finger buffet

Take a look at all of our different party platters and decide which ones would work best on your finger buffet - you might want to consider how many guests are coming, their ages and dietary choices, and also which options you'd most like to eat at your own party.

Platters come ready to serve cold on party trays, or if you'd prefer to serve your pasties and pastries hot, just take them off the tray to reheat, and serve them up once piping hot throughout.

If you have any questions about any extra information that is not already listed, such as any specific allergens or ingredients, just ask.

You can call Greenhalgh's on 01204 696204 or ask in-store at any one of our local bakeries. With over 60 across the region, there's likely to be a Greenhalgh's near you.