…Freshly made for you!

So you've got your buffet table laden with super Greenhalgh's savouries, everything is set and ready to rock.

Or is it?

What about dessert? You can't have a buffet without dessert - that's like having steak and mushroom pie without the steak. We're very fond of a cake or two at Greenhalgh's as you might expect, and we pride ourselves on the choices we offer.

From cheesecakes, tortes and trifles there are options galore and enough sweet treats to keep you and your guests hovering around the buffet table just a little bit longer...

Large Sherry Trifle

It's a tradition and cornerstone of nearly every Sunday dinner table. It needs little fanfare because this trifle is well known, loved and revered. With sherry-soaked sponge, fruit cocktail, creamy custard, topped with mandarin segments, cherries and chocolate, this is history made edible, sweet, delicious and ultimately moreish.

Strawberry Torte

This torte is the perfect way to sign off any meal. The layered sponge and cream edged with roasted coconut and topped generously with strawberries is a joy. However, we recommend you sit down as you tackle this delicious treat.

Flake and Cherry Torte

At Greenhalgh's we don't mess about with flavours. We're very proud of our bakes and cakes, and this torte, in particular, is one we like to boast about. With miniature chocolate flakes and cherries topping, you may want to take a slice of this on your first round of the buffet table. Sometimes it pays to eat your sweet first.


Of course, we do cheesecakes. And we don't just do one flavour we do rather a few. With a lovely digestive buttery biscuit base, our cheesecakes come in a variety of flavours. You can have your cake and eat it, or you can choose between these following delights:

Strawberry (naturally)

Kiwi (lovely and fresh)

Blackcurrant (Rich and sumptuous)

Pineapple (Light, tangy and sweet)

Each beautifully presented cheesecake provides six good-sized slices for you and your guests. It may be an idea to offer more than one cheesecake though - just our professional opinion, of course!

Our trifles and tortes serve up to eight people with generous portions. Our trifle is considered a party centrepiece so, with people able to help themselves, this will likely serve more than eight people.


Tortes, trifles and cheesecakes, these are a few of our favourite things. At Greenhalgh's we might not make classic musicals, but we certainly do bake classic desserts, perfect for the buffet table.

So instead of flicking through recipe books, wondering what to bake - leave it to us, we'll fast forward to dessert so that you don't have to.

Whatever you need, you can count on Greenhalgh's. Contact us today!