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Quiche is the cake of a savoury buffet, a crowd-pleasing centrepiece that serves up plenty of portions, whether you choose a large catering quiche cut into slices, or an individual cocktail quiche platter.

It's a veggie-friendly option too, and we will gladly help you choose a vegetarian quiche flavour for your buffet if you need one, from a list that includes broccoli, cheese and tomato, cherry tomato with spring onion, or mushroom, along with our platter of vegetarian mini quiches which are also mushroom flavoured.

These are classic, traditional buffet foods, suitable to be served hot or cold, and filling enough thanks to the rich pastry and egg content to keep your guests satisfied for the rest of your party or celebration.

In addition to the vegetarian quiche flavours mentioned above, we also have a choice of meaty quiches, including a classic Quiche Lorraine and our platter of cocktail ham quiches too, which are a perfect addition to a finger buffet if you don't want to serve up full-sized slices.

Choosing the perfect party quiche

Our team are always on hand to help you choose the perfect party quiche, whether it's our finger food mini quiches or one or more of our multi-portion catering quiches.

We can advise on the best flavours of veggie-friendly quiches for your guests, any potential allergens and reheating instructions if you'd prefer to serve hot quiche on your buffet.

For any other advice, just give Greenhalgh's a call on 01204 696204 or pop into one of our 60+ local bakeries across the region, where our bakers will do their best to answer any questions you might have.

And don't forget to check out our great range of delicious sweets and celebration cakes, as well as our savoury platters, which together can quickly add up to a no-fuss party buffet that will have all of your guests smiling and satisfied.