…Freshly made for you!

Now, quiche is a Greenhalgh's speciality.

So, let's talk quiche.

Our recipes have evolved over the years to match our customer's tastes, but they've certainly not lost any authenticity.

That's absolutely the case when talking about our beautiful Quiche Lorriane. This time-honoured quiche, originating in France, is chock full of streaky bacon, onions and lovely cheddar cheese - authenticity in every mouthful. Could you grace your buffet table with anything better?

If you're potty about quiche, then you'll like what we've created for you. Whether you're planning a party or entertaining guests at home, we have a great selection of quiches, tried, tested and made just for you...

Multi-Portion Broccoli Quiche (V)

So, you're a quiche fan. You like the golden, crumbly pastry. You love the fluffy egg custard. Trust us, you'll be coming back for more when you discover the tender broccoli pieces and cheddar in this impressive number.

Multi- Portion Cheese and Tomato Quiche (V)

There's so many classic cheese and tomato combinations, don't you think? Think pizza, pasta, sandwiches - so why not quiche? This is a combination that hints at warm sunny days and picnics in the park. It's light, it's cheesy, it's tangy, and it's lovely!

Multi Portion Cherry Tomato and Spring Onion Quiche (V)

It's hard to see past this perfect quiche. It has a nostalgic quality - like wholesome vegetables picked fresh from summer allotments. That kind of thing. Bringing them together, we've created a quiche that's light, delicious and let's face it, looks pretty good too.

Multi-Portion Ham Quiche

Aka Quiche Lorraine. What can we say about this that hasn't already been said? This is a must at any gathering, and we'd suggest at least doubling up on this one. Don't leave your guests empty-handed, with streaky bacon, cheese and onions this is a timeless combination made in France and perfected by Greenhalgh's.

All of our multi-portion quiches serve up 12 good slices per quiche, perfect for large gatherings.


If you're specifically preparing buffet catering, then we've developed a couple of additional options just for you...

Cocktail Ham Quiche

It's the classic again but in miniature form. Serving up to 24 snack-sized servings of crumbly pastry, with classic fluffy egg, streaky bacon, cheese and onion, blink and these will disappear.

Cocktail Mushroom Quiche Platter (V)

More miniature gems perfect for large gatherings and parties. Your guests will always find 'mushroom' for these distinct little quiches, and like our Cocktail Ham Quiches, they'll be gone in a jiffy. If there are any crumbs left from these mushroom-filled delights we'd be surprised.


So as you can see, we know our quiches. From the classic Quiche Lorraine to the Broccoli Quiche we've packed every single one with full flavours, and encased in golden pastry. Yum.

Delightful cheesy flavours and classic combinations are our thing, and we make them just for you so that you don't have to.

Whatever you need, you can count on Greenhalgh's. Contact us today!