Bread Rolls

…Freshly made for you!

Bread rolls go by many names in different places - baps, barms, buns, breadcakes, teacakes, muffins and morning rolls, to name just a few - but we can all agree that a fresh bread roll makes a tasty sandwich, lunchbox filler, or sometimes a snack in its own right.

Soft and light, brown or white, with just a hint of flour dusting their golden crowns, they're a handy alternative to sliced bread to have on hand in any kitchen or picnic hamper.

Choose our soft rolls and Scotch baps in white or brown, our delicious white flour cakes, or our maxi rolls, whose sub roll shape gives you more to get your teeth into.

Pack sizes vary between 4 and 6 rolls, with white flour cakes available to buy individually.

Bread rolls with character

Not all bread rolls are created equal - and you might not even think of some of your favourite snacks as having much in common with baps and barms.

But with sultanas, currants and orange peel in the mix, you get fruit teacakes, a much-loved family favourite for afternoon snacks either toasted or even just buttered cold.

Add cinnamon to the mix and a crisscross of white flour paste on top and you've got our award-winning hot cross buns, a seasonal speciality that's also perfect for afternoon tea.

Finally, give your sandwiches a fun finishing touch by using our Torteluga Rolls, topped with a tortoiseshell crust and named for the Italian ('tartaruga') and Spanish ('tortuga') words for tortoise.

Delicious dipped in soup or sliced and filled with your favourite sandwich dressings, these charismatic crusty cobs are a great way to make your next picnic even more appealing.

Find out more at your local Greenhalgh's bakery or call us on 01204 696204 to find out more about any of our temptingly fresh bread rolls.