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Local school girls celebrate after creating an award winning soup

Cannon Slade School

Two Bolton students celebrated after their recipes for a new soup flavour were selected to join an award winning local craft bakery’s range.

Gemma Hunter aged 15 and Holly Navarro, 14, proved their culinary credentials as part of an initiative between Canon Slade School and Greenhalgh’s Craft Bakery, which aims to show year 10 students the career opportunities open to them within the food industry.

Both girls impressed the judges who were tasked with tasting and appraising 50 soup recipes, at the family run craft bakery, before the overall winner was chosen by second generation baker and managing director, David Smart. Following their victory Gemma’s Chicken and Red Chilli and Holly’s Spicy Mixed Bean soups went on sale in all 62 of Greenhalgh’s retail outlets in November 2013